Who am I ?

    • Significant bilingual technical general knowledge.
    • 1 year experience in United-Kingdom in 1997-98 (University and Internal Trainee).
    • 11 years experience within Professional Hygiene (2000-2011) as a product engineer and R&D/Innovation EMEA Director, within a global US company (multidisciplinary and multicultural environment).
    • Daily facing every aspect of bilingualism, all kind of exchanges and communications as well as documents to translate, optimize, present, correct, for my-self or for team members I was managing.
    • International experience as a freelance technical consultant within the Professional Hygiene area since 2012, reinforcing even more my strong technical know-how already acquired.
    • Solid experience as a freelance english>french translator since early 2014, within the specific area of cybersecurity/cybercriminality, for leaders and key players of this sector in Europe.


Translation (english>french)

    • A technical translation services, from english to french (mother tongue).
    • Several technical areas, from universal to specific (electronics, mechatronics, robotics), but also areas such as sales, marketing, production and management.
    • Specialized in the field of IT and cybersecurity/cybercriminality(malwares/ransomwares, data protection, privacy, IoT, mobility, social networks, scams, spams, …).
    • Translation of all kind of document.
    • Use, on demand only, of CAT software.
    • The cost of a translation work is defined depending on several criteria, such as complexity/technicality, number of words, time delivery expected, quality required.
    • In order to get a quick quote or in case of any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will answer within 24h.

``SEO`` Service

A SEO-Ready document, with a better Google visibility

In addition to the traditional translation service, I propose the “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) service, which is the integration, during the translation work, of specific key words, with the target of publishing the document on line, often an article on a blog for instance. Those specific key words can be worked out using tools such as Google AdWords, and integrated afterwards in the translated document, strategically, in order to implement efficiently what we usually call a SEO approach, and then gain a better visibility on Google.

``CMS`` Service

Efficiency & Time-Saving, with a Ready-To-Publish document

In addition to the traditional translation and « SEO » services, I propose the “CMS” (Content Management System) service *, which means having an access to your CMS (WordPess, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, …), and preparing the publishing of the document without doing it, adding internal links, integrating it into your web site own semantic structure (silos, themes, categories, …), creating appropriate external links, tagging images, implementing suitable H1/H2, …HN structure, …

* This additional service will be frameworked thanks to a specifc agreement between both parties regarding confidentiality (see General Terms of Sale).

``Express`` Service

Full Responsiveness & Flexibility for your urgent works

In addition to traditional translation service, as well as “SEO” and “CMS” services, I propose the « Express » service * :

    • Several Express Services available.
    • 24 hours/24 et 7 days/7.
    • Bank Holidays and Week-End.
    • Contact me for more informations.

* The workload, while finalising the proposal, will have to be taken into account in order to work out the effective time delivery (see General Terms of Sale).


Updated on 01/03/2020

Words Translated
Articles/Blog Posts
Press Releases
Reports/White Papers
Google AdWords & Social Media Campaigns


Rates mentioned below are delivered in order to provide you with a realistic estimate, in terms of costs, for all services proposed regarding standard documents. However, since the final price may vary depending on particularities of your document as well as its complexity/technicality, format and time delivery expected.

Only prices mentioned in the final free quotation are to be taken into account. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Prices are mentioned HT (no VAT included).

Vizzavie is a company subject to the VAT.

  • Several Express Services Available
  • 24 hours/24 & 7 days/7
  • Bank Holidays & Week-End

Example : 25€ for a 850 words text, 50€  for a 1350 words text, …





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